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Count up the Cost: The Cost of being a Man or Woman of God (Luke 14: 25-33)

Following Christ means total submission to Him. I encourage all that are reading this and that are truly seeking God to go beyond the surface of just wanting to be saved and go deeper in the Lord spiritually (Luke 14:27).

In these last days, there is no time to be playing games or worst yet, playing church.

Jesus requires total commitment, and for you to go further on this path of righteousness, be aware that there are people, including family and things that the devil will employ (their job) to kill your progress. Therefore, it is important to count up the cost…..Is Jesus and eternal life worth giving up un-godly family, friends, habits and material things that keep us from hearing His word? (Luke 14:26, 33).

What is Total Commitment and Forsaking All look like?

Because holding on to your old life that does not line up with holiness as well as family that wants nothing to do with Christ or holiness can cause you to lose your life and soul. And, because it is so easy for us to give in to the pressures of family and so hard for us to get them to follow us as we follow Christ, it behooves us to give them up (no longer partake in their ungodliness) and pray that God will get a hold of them so that you can move on to finish the work (Matt 16: 24-25 and Duet 33:9) to make your calling election sure (2 Peter 1:10).

In Duet 33:9, the Levites were more loyal to God than to their parents. They ignored their family, and did not acknowledge their unsaved ungodly children for true discipleship.

(Luke 14:28-30)

Natural home:

Jesus describes counting up the cost. When we decide to build a new home or a building, it is safe to say that if the finances are not correct and the estimates are poorly calculated and you have not counted the cost properly this oversight could cause us to start something we cannot successfully complete. Think about the feeling of being talked about and laugh at because you start a building and could not afford to finish it. That is foolish and you probably should be talked about for leaving your new home or building with a foundation and unfinished business.

Spiritual Home (Soul):

Spiritually, we can do the same thing. After starting the foundation (being born of the water and Spirit (John 3:3 and 5), we can abandon our Christian Life if we don’t count up the cost of our commitment to Christ.

Making sure we have enough to finish the work comes by way of having the faith and strength to shed some people and things out of our life. Though they may still laugh at you and run you down…you will have the ultimate victory when you persevere and see God’s face in peace.

(Luke 14:33)

What are the Costs?

There are many, such as social status, worldly wealth, time and yes separation from family. We cannot be Christ’s disciples without giving up everything that is not pertaining to Christ glorifiying Him in all we do. We must carefully count up the costs so we don’t be tempted or made to feel guilt to go back into the world putting a halt to our discipleship.

(Luke 9:23)

Carrying or taking up the Cross (serving God’s purpose daily).

To be followers of Jesus, we must turn from our own selfish ways and follow Him daily baring the cross obeying God’s word and not the word of false teachers.

(Mark 8:34)

Denying yourself.

Jesus is not saying we can’t have fun or indulge in pleasure. He was letting us know that there is an effort that is needed that will help us to follow him moment by moment even when times seem hectic, frustrating, stressful and impossible due to family accusers, sinful habits and those who use you and tear you down.

Count up the cost….Who or what will impede your progress in Christ Jesus!

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